¿La historia de la música en Gifs animados?

Posted by Manuel Pinazo on Domingo dic 30, 2012 Under Blog

Mi compañera Raquel posteaba el otro día en Muzikalia esta curiosa web que resume la historia de la música a través de Gifs animados

Estos son impagables:

1969.  Four dudes hang out in St John&#8217;s Wood, London.  Also they recorded an album, walked across a road, and did some other things.<br />
They were very good at these things.

1974.  Ramones play their first show.  Oldie hooks. Classic chord changes.  Punk guitar.  Punk attitude.  Punk hyperspeed.<br />
Punk is awesome.

1980.  The Cure releases their US Debut, Boys Don&#8217;t Cry, as they begin to explore offshoots of Punk and Post-Punk.  Through this exploration they help define Gothic Rock and it becomes a thriving subculture, and Robert Smith is sad.<br />
Also, hair.

Puedes ver la página entera y en orden cronológico, aquí.

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